The Region


  Miles Km
Birmingham 54 87
Leicester 30 49
London 78 126
Leeds 123 198
Bristol 128 206
Manchester 116 187
Cambridge 40 65
Birmingham 47 76
Nottingham East Midlands 53 85
Heathrow 86 138
Luton 55 88
Stansted 72 115
London 60 96
Leicester 19 30
Nottingham 42 67
Sheffield 80 128
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In 2001, the total annual resident population within a 60 minute off-peak drive time from Kettering was 2.75 million. This is expected to increase at a relatively high growth rate of 0.7% per year to just over 3 million in 2016.

The age profile around Kettering has an above average percentage of people aged between 35-54 years.

The 30-45 minute drive time has a higher than average proportion of people employed in management and professional occupations which reflects its rural location. It also has the highest percentage of people with a degree or similar level qualification.

There are approximately 1.1 million economically active people in the 60 minute drive time around Kettering. Approximately 78% are employed in full time work, which is similar to the national average.

Kettering is accessible to the more affluent sectors of the population who live in the surrounding rural areas. However, it is easy for people to commute to neighbouring town and cities for work and leisure activities.

A dramatic increase of the borough’s housing stock will provide enormous opportunities for businesses over the next twenty years, and Kettering Borough Council is very committed to grasping this opportunity to safeguard Kettering’s future as a vibrant and dynamic business centre. For more about what Kettering has to offer please click here.